Always have plenty of ice

I’ve been rooting through my grandmother’s recipe collection. Tucked in among the cut-out and handwritten recipes for chicken casserole, ginger fluff, orange cordial, date loaf and all the rest, I’ve found raggedy copies of The Leader Spare Corner Book, published in the 1930s in Melbourne. With ads. Here are a few, just for your enjoyment.

Ice ad Leader 1930s

Kayser ad 2 Leader 1930s

SEC ad Leader 1935

Robur ad Leader 1930sLaurel ad Leader 1933Solitan ad Leader 1935Golden Crust ad 2 Leader 1930sDried fruit ad Leader 1933Allan's ad Leader 1933
© From the desk of a tiny person 2015

2 thoughts on “Always have plenty of ice

  1. Hi Gwen – interesting that you say that. As much as the ads reflect the times in which they were produced, I can’t help thinking how much they have in common with ads produced today. It seems as though all the key elements were already in place, in terms of the ways in which they appeal to and manipulate their target audience.


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